Wines of the Enjingi family are traditionally miraculous. Nothing has changed their winemaking philosophy, neither history nor social and political climate in which they were made. Through the years they have established an authentic winemaking tradition. Today, the Enjingi family celebrates 120 years of winemaking. Following strictly his winemaking strategy without any compromise, Ivo Enjingi, became the first Croatian private wine producer. Also, the first to bring the Gold Decanter to Croatia. The only one that makes all his wine 100% organic for strong 35 years. The winemaker that many wine professionals locally and internationally admire and look up too.

Enjingi today owns 50 hectares of prime grape growing land in the Kutjevo appellation. Vineyards, with an average age of 15 years, are planted on the southern slopes of the mount Krndija, on diverse soils, from sandy loams to extremely rocky soils, which give great complexity and fine minerality to the wines. Some of the vineyards are more than 35 years old and carefully managed for the exceptional quality that old vines give. Younger vineyards are densely planted, up to 8500 vines per hectare, with every vine yielding less than one kilo of grapes, which in turn gives small berries with high sugars and concentrated flavours. In order to make the wines to be the true expression of the land, climate and tradition, and foremost the source of pleasure and health to its consumers, all of the grapes and wines are organically produced.

Favourable climate, natural richness of the soil and rational and dedicated vineyard management enables Enjingi to produce healthy grapes using only organic fertilisers and for the disease control sulphur and copper in minimum quantities.





Grape variety



Enjingi Enjingi Grasevina Eco 2015
Enjingi Grasevina Eco 2015
Premium quality, fully organic white dry wine from 100% Grasevina (Welshriesling). Medium body, with stone fruit aromas, while light and easy to drink. Distinct fruity and flowery aromas, medium alchohol and crisp acidity. Excellent ageing potential.
Enjingi Enjingi Zweigelt
Enjingi Zweigelt
Top quality, organic red dry wine. Medium body with characterful Zweigelt specific aromas and flavours of red and dark fruits, especially raspberries, blueberries and blackberries followed with spiciness. Medium deep color & medium tannins.
Enjingi Enjingi Venje
Enjingi Venje
Organic, full bodied wine with lots of character. Made of carefully selected, late harvest grapes. Excellent ageing potential. Full of intense overripped fruit aromas, jammy sirup and discreet oak flavours.
Enjingi Enjingi Venje White 2008
Enjingi Venje White 2008
Marvellous, complex, exciting biological wine. Blend of Graševina, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Gewurtztraminer that already in 1998 brought first golden Decanter to Croatia. The grapes are vinified separately before being blended together. Befo
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