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Wine Regions

While many are still unaware that this small country within the EU is even producing wine, there's a lot to be said about the winemaking in Croatia and there is certainly a reason why you should (if you haven't yet) try Croatian wine

The winemaking on position where Croatia lies today, dates back to about 4000 years ago. However, just looking at the more recent history, during days of Yugoslavia and more recently Croatia (since 1990s), there has been tremendous progress in the winemaking scene of Croatia. Especially in the last 25 years, since the end of the war in early '90s. Most important changes were the booming number of private winemakers and the rise in the quality of the wines.  

Today there are numerous private winemakers producing high quality wines worth the attention. They build on extensive family traditions and experience and follow the newest trends and knowledge on the market. With over 40 indigenous varieties and of course other well known international ones, Croatian winemakers have been paving the solid path to the fame on the international market. 

The winemaking in Croatia spreads all around the country. Its shape and diversity of climates as well as soils, certainly make it an very interesting location for vine growing. And while, there's still lot to be done in putting every distinct wine growing position of Croatia on a map, the country has been divided into 4 main wine regions, 16 sub-regions and 66 appellations today

It's interesting to notice that each of the 4 main wine regions is located in a different corner of Croatia. Each distinguishing itself by different climate, geographical features, traditions and local grape varieties they focus on. 

Read further and discover each of the main wine region of Croatia, its winemakers and wines not to be missed!