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Door Tea, 20 juni 2018

Perdisacca: gold medals with the story


I know the market is flooded with great olive oils from Italy, Greece and other countries. But, did you know that Croatia produces olive oils too? Let me introduce you to an absolute gem produced in Istria - extra virgin olive oil Perdisacca.

Perdisacca is a family-owned extra virgin olive oil brand from Bale in south-western Istria, one of the most generous Istrian locations for olive oil production. This family has been producing olive oils already for few hundred years, however, they always remained small and local. Up until recently, when the younger generation got involved, rebranded the packaging and took this olive oil brand to the international market.

At the very base of the Perdisacca brand, there's the unique anecdote about how this brand got its name. Perdisacca comes from a more than a century old story retold in the family — great-grandfather Giorgio lost a leather saddlebag in a field where today lies the olive grove surrounding the old Istrian villa. The whole village made him a laughing stock, and the mayor changed the name of the location into Perdisacca, which in Italian means ‘perdere il sacco’ — to lose a bag (or a saddlebag).

This story inspired rebranding team and so the reference to the lost bag can be found on the embossed map, old as much as the olive grove, where you can find Perdisacca itself if you are persistent enough to play with the light and to touch the label. Another nice touch on the packaging is the top seal where this entertaining anecdote is written in English and each type of The packaging and visual identity are work of the Croatian design agency Beton.

If you think Perdisacca is just another olive oil producer, think again. The contents of the bottles are as fabulous as its design. Both their olive varieties, Buža and Rosignola, won gold medals in 2017 at the international Olive oil competitions. Buža in New York and Rosignola in Tokyo. That that’s not a coincidence confirms also the gold medal for Rosignola this year again in New York! Besides these remarkable rewards, Flos Olei 2018 listed these oils as one of the top 500 of the world.

Curious to try it yourself?
Perdisacca olive oils are now available in our webshop in two different sizes 0.25l and 0.5l.

Order here

There's also a chance to experience Perdisacca for yourself. The family runs a small agro-tourism where you can rent a 3 bedroom villa situated among the olive groves of Perdisacca. For more info visit their Facebook page.

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